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      SP7700—Cabling for Intelligent Buildings

      This course covers the requirements specific to Intelligent Building design and solutions including wireless, PoE, LED lighting, BAS IP addressable devices and green initiatives and concerns.
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      Density + Intelligences = Better managed networks

      Improve the visibility of your network. Automate your management and improve the efficiency and productivity of your IT with iPatch high density shelves.
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      Rapid Deployment Poles

      Rapid Deployment Poles from CommScope allow all components including cable, to be safely assembled on the ground prior to erection, resulting in faster installations, saving time and money.
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    Sep 1, 2014
    Modernizing Mobile Networks to Tackle LTE Challenges in Asia Pacific
    Asia Pacific users lead in mobile traffic consumption, and a number of challenges have surfaced for mobile networks in the region. LTE deployment needs to be carefully planned. In a recent video, Philip Sorrells talks about the challenges and solutions for network optimization in the Asia Pacific. Read more
    Aug 28, 2014
    4G Will Drive the Need for Class 4 Backhaul Antennas in India
    For too long, the importance of microwave backhaul antennas has been overlooked and costs have been the main consideration when deciding which antennas to use, says Junaid Syed in today‘s blog post. The low quality antennas that come at lower costs not only degrade the performance of the network but waste spectrum. Given the data capacity demands and the end-users’ high expectations on network quality, carriers need to pay attention to spectrum usage to future-ready their network. With the superior performance of ETSI Class 4 antennas, carriers have the opportunity to make this happen in an economically viable way. Read more

    Thinking Ahead

    • ThinkingAhead1How do you stay ahead of technology change? You think ahead. That's why companies trust CommScope with their toughest network challenges. We anticipate change and think beyond today's technology to help you make the best decision for your network and your business. Here we offer a holistic perspective that spans network technology, intelligence and energy management to help you think – and stay – ahead of the curve.

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